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In 2010, 3,320,000 tons of E-waste were generated with only 19.6% recycled/smelted that year for a total of 2,670,000 tons  trashed.

A significant deterrent to smelting just the precious metals components, is the expensive extraction methods, typically chemical based, associated with removing components from circuit boards. 

Typical chemical based component stripping ranges from $350 to $620 per ton of circuit boards treated. Chemical stripping also destroys many of the components, reducing reuse opportunities.

The D2000 Depopulator provides an environmentally friendly process that uses no chemicals and reduces the amount of material that is smelted by about 5:1, reducing toxic smelting pollution and costs by that ratio in the process.

A single production depopulator offers the capacity of processing about 1 ton of circuit boards per 8-hour shift per system. 

For a full 3 shift day, this amounts to about 3 tons per day processed per machine. 

Given the 5:1 weight reduction created by the D2000, there will be 0.6 tons, as opposed to 3 tons, per day going to the smelter/refinery.

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