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The Advanced Recovery & Recycling D2000 Circuit Board Depopulator effectively and rapidly removes electrical parts from Circuit Boards without the use of chemicals. 


It’s more than 50 times faster than manual or hot air extraction, because it is an automatic process inherently designed to process multiple tons of circuit boards per day. 


The D2000 Circuit Board Depopulator offers rapid depopulation with an optional reuse mode to leave devices functionally intact.


Because there is no need for chemicals, the D2000 benefits the environment while being cost-effective and offering significant market potential. 


The D2000 reduces the cost to depopulate a ton of circuit boards to just $10 per ton in electricity consumption as opposed to hundreds of dollars per ton chemically. 

The AR&R D2000 Depopulator shows promise in both domestic and global markets. 

E-Waste Processing Compatison Flow chart

The domestic companies that have previewed the capabilities of the D2000 expressed excitement about the cost savings, time efficiencies and environmental benefit of chemical-free depopulation.

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