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D2000 Circuit Board Depopulator

The D2000 Circuit Board Depopulator offers rapid depopulation with an optional reuse mode to leave devices functionally intact.


Because there is no need for chemicals, the D2000 benefits the environment while being cost-effective and offering significant market potential. 


The D2000 reduces the cost to depopulate a ton of circuit boards to just $10 per ton in electricity consumption as opposed to hundreds of dollars per ton chemically. 

  • The D2000 is offered in several versions tailored to the throughput capacity needs of the user.

  • The versions will vary in the number of the heater stages.

    • Increasing the number of heating stages increases the length of the depopulator which, in turn, increases the processing rate as shown in the table to the right.

  • The net profit generated with each version is also shown based on typical smelting and shipping costs.

Model                            Processing Rate       Length       Time To       Three Shift
Number       # Stages      (tons/shift)                 (ft)        Load (sec)    Extra Income
                                                                                                                     per year ($k)
D-2000            2                      1.26                       7.00              55.0               $269
D-3000            3                      1..89                      9.00              36.7               $508
D-4000            4                      2.51                       11.00              27.5               $748
D-5000            5                      3.14                       13.00              22.0              $987
D-6000            6                      3.77                      15.00              18.3                $1,226

D2000 Circuit Board Depopulator


D2000 Schematic


Illustration of how the D2000 works

Before and After

Circuit Board Before and After

Sample of Depopulated Parts 2-1
Before and After

Circuit Board Before and After

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