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Electronic Waste is the fastest  growing waste stream in the United States.
The AR&R D2000 Circuit Board Depopulator offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to recover significant amounts of precious metals for reuse, resale or refining.  

The patented D2000 Circuit Board Depopulator promises to change the way circuit boards are currently being manually or chemically stripped. 
Costs and E-waste will both be significantly  reduced.


The D2000 Depopulator provides an environmentally friendly process that uses no chemicals and reduces the amount of smelted material by about 5:1, reducing toxic smelting pollution and costs by that ratio in the process.


The D2000 saves time and money.
A single production depopulator can process about 1 ton of circuit boards per 8 hour shift per system.
A full 3 shift day amounts to about 3 tons per day processed per machine.

Future models will increase this throughput to 2 tons per shift per system.  


Advanced Recovery & Recycling, LLC brings more than 90 years of combined engineering experience and 40 years in law practice to revolutionize the way circuit boards are depopulated.  AR&R team members hold more than 50 patents to date.

AR&R combines resources with Roboshop, a Syracuse, NY based organization that specializes in design, fabrication and test of custom conveyor systems.  Roboshop was chosen to bring the D2000 to production because of their capabilities, interest and location. 


Advanced Recovery & Recycling, LLC
Engineering, Production and Show Rooms are located at:
Roboshop, Inc.
226 Midler Park Drive
Syracuse, NY 13206 

Tel: 315-380-0084

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